FAQ – Body Shape

What are our Fit products for and how to take them?

By replacing one to two meals a day with a Fit shaker, and in addition to a healthy diet and regular sports activity, this cure helps you to refine the silhouette by losing a few extra pounds.

Step 1 : Put in your shaker 5 measuring spoons of powder and 1 teaspoon of oil in 250ml of milk. If you do not drink plain milk, simply take soy milk, almond or oatmeal.

Step 2 : Mix well in shaker until creamy (if it is not to your taste do not hesitate to add some milk).

Step 3 : Enjoy the creamy taste of your Fit!

Do Fit powders have any side effects?

Our powder is a natural product so it does not, a priori, have any serious side effects. However a food allergy can always happen so if you notice any adverse effects after taking our product, we advise you to immediately stop taking it.

Can Body Shape products replace conventional food?

Our Fit products can replace up to two meals a day. They are not substitutes for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

I find my preparation too thick, what to do?

It is normal that your preparation is thick, but if you do not like it, you can either add liquid, or decrease the number of spoons (minimum 3 spoons to keep the effects)

Is the oil spoon necessary for my preparation?

The oil spoon is needed when you replace two meals a day. It brings you the daily amount of fat needed to your body!

What is the stainless steel spring of my shaker for?

The blender ball is used to mix your preparation, it eliminates the lumps and makes it homogeneous and more pleasant to drink! ?

Are Fit products vegan?

Our Fit products are vegetarian but are not suitable for vegan diets because they contain proteins derived from milk (whey protein concentrate).

Why are the fit caps in capsules ?

We decided to enclose the powder in a vegan capsule so that it is easier for the anyone to portion and to integrate them consistently in the daily life. This way you don’t have to carry powder everywhere ?

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