FAQ – Daily Greens

How often should I use Daily Greens?

We recommend that you consume a slightly curved teaspoon once a day. Berry Boost and Vital Protect are to be taken in the morning to refuel, Pure Detox at night to detoxify your body and the True Beauty at any time of the day.

How to consume our Daily Greens powders?

You can choose to mix Daily Greens powder with water, fruit juice, smoothie, yoghurt, or cereal. Be careful not to cook them, in order not to lose their benefits. ?

How much can I consume per day?

We advise you to consume a slightly curved teaspoon (7 to 10 grams depending on the product) for about 200 ml of liquid (water, juice, smoothie …).

What is the daily calorie intake of a Daily Greens product ?

The caloric intake of Daily Greens powders is minimal. It is 30 calories per 100 grams. The recommended daily dose is one spoon of 7 to 10 grams, this equates to an intake of about 3 calories per day.

The powder does not dissolve very well in my drink, what can I do?

Our product being a powder, it is natural that the result is not the same as with a syrup. When you have poured liquid on our Daily Greens powders, consider stirring well. If the consistency does not suit you, we recommend you try with yoghurt or quark.

There is a green deposit in my Berry Boost, is this normal?

The Berry Boost contains superfoods such as spinach or spirulina which can in fact rise to the surface of your drink when you mix your powder with water. This is quite normal, we recommend mixing your drink well during the preparation.

Can Daily Greens Powders have side effects?

Our powders are natural products so a priori they do not have side effects. However a food allergy can always happen. If you notice any side effects from taking any of our product, we advise your to immediately stop taking it.

Can the Daily Greens replace a conventional food?

Our powder is a food supplement, it does not replace a meal.

It should be consumed in addition to a balanced and varied diet.

How long is does a Daily Greens box last

A Daily Greens box allows you to cure from 15 days to a month depending on the products and quantities used.

What is the difference between Berry Boost and Vital Protect?

The Berry-Boost helps you to have the necessary energy throughout the day thanks to its superfoods such as iron, acai and spinach. When it comes to Vital Protect, it helps you fill up on C vitamins with Lucuma and Echinacea and strengthens your immune system for the winter. Both products are vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free.

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