FAQ – General

What is Natural Mojo ?

At Natural Mojo we are offering food supplements and food substitutes full of superfoods in a powdered form. These superfoods have various benefits such as energy boost, weight loss and muscle gain. Our food supplement range (Daily Greens) as well as our Fit Caps are 100% natural, vegan, gluten free and lactose free. Our food substitute range (Body Shape) and our Whey Vanilla are vegetarian and gluten free.

What is the difference between a food supplement and a food substitute ?

A food supplement (Daily Greens) is a concentrated source of nutrients. However, it does not replace a meal and should be consumed as a part of a healthy and balanced diet. A food substitute (Body Shape) replaces a meal and is eaten as part of weight loss diet while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

‘Superfoods’ – What are they ?

Superfoods are all natural foods (cereals, plants, seaweeds, seeds, fruits, vegetables) that are particularly rich in essential nutrients and phytonutrients, such as fatty acids (omega 3/6/9), proteins, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, chlorophyll, etc.

At what age can I start using Natural Mojo Product ?

Fits, Wheys and Fit Caps are not recommended for minors. They contain proteins that can interfere with growth. For other products, if you are 16 years old or younger, we advise you seek the advice of a doctor prior to consumption.

Can I use Natural Mojo products during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Since our products are natural, there are no contraindications for their use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The ony exception are the Power Focus and Fit Caps as they containt caffeine, the Puritea and Activitea as they contain Green Tea and Mate; and finally the Carb Blockers and Diet Caps as it is important that the child receives all necessary nutrients during these periods. We always advise you to consult a doctor for a second opinion, because every pregnancy and every person is different!

I’m not sure to like the taste of Natural Mojo products, do you send samples ?

Unfortunalely, we do not send samples, but you can find consumer reviews on social networks with the #naturalmojo or on our instagram page (@naturalmojo) and facebook page (naturalmojofr).

I do not like milk, what can I mix my Natural Mojo powders with?

You can use vegetable milk (oats, rice, hazelnut …), much lighter and digestible than cow’s milk. Our products also combine with yogurt and fruit juices. ?

Where are Natural Mojo products produced?

Our products are produced in the south of Germany, next to Munich. We are working with a professional, IFS certified, producer in southern Germany. The IFS (International Food Standard) is an independent, internationally acclaimed certification, which companies only receive if they fulfil the highest standards of quality in sourcing and production. It is audited every year by an independent company.

Is it possible to cook with Natural Mojo powders or mix them with hot milk?

You can mix them with hot, but not boiling, milk. Indeed, super foods are heat sensitive. Our products are not meant to be cooked, but you can incorporate the Body Shape into your recipes and always benefit from their protein intake. Do not forget to share your recipes with the #naturalmojo or #healthyishappy tags! ?

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