FAQ – My account

How can I create a customer account?

On your first order, you can check the box “create an account”, that allows you to create your customer account by choosing a password. It is confidential and you will need it to log in next time your wish to order.

For what reason should I have a customer account?

Your customer account gives you easier access to all your orders and the status of an order (Waiting for payment”, “In process” or “Shipped”).

I have a customer account, but I can’t log in. What can I do?

If you can’t log in, it’s probably because you didn’t create a customer account with your first order (in the box “Create a new customer account?” where you create a password). If you have provided your email address, you will still receive an order confirmation and a shipment notification email with a link to track your order.
If you want to create a customer account, you can do so with your second order! Use the box “Create a new customer account”. Here you can set an individual password to create your personal customer account. The password is confidential and you can log in at any time, e.g. if you want to order something again.

I have forgotten my password!

No need to fear, we always here! Click here to reset your password.

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