FAQ – Product reviews

How can I submit a product review?

Got something positive or exciting to share about our Natural Mojo products? You can leave us a review on our website following these instructions:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the product or set you bought
  • Select the number of stars you think we deserve and leave a short message describing your experience with our product

That’s really it!

Why can’t I give a rating for every product?

You can only leave reviews on products that you have actually bought and tested on our website. This way we can mitigate any misinformation and guarantee to all of our customers the best possible experience. If you are a customer and have already bought products, you can rate them by clicking on the product on our website.

What do I have to consider when evaluating a product?

Product reviews help us – as a company – to improve our products. The shared experiences help new customers to inform others of the benefits of our products.

So above all: be honest!

We really appreciate your honesty in your experience with our Natural Mojo products. We have the following questions which may help inspire you to leave a review: What does the product taste like? How did it help you overall after the application? How easy was it to prepare? What difficulties did you have? What do you love most about the product you write about?

Are product reviews still editable?

Product reviews can still be edited even after the initial post – please contact our customer service with the updated text and they will make the change as soon as possible.

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