FAQ – Superfood Powders

What are Superfood powders?

Superfood powders are food supplements based on nutrient-rich ingredients that can boost a healthy diet. From our collection, these include Pure Body, Berry Boost and Choco Dream which all contain a host of enriching superfoods such as Spirulina, Acai Berries and Camu – Camu.

How often should I use Superfood Powder?

We recommend one serving per day (see instructions on the package or on the product page). Berry Boost and Sunny Soul should be taken in the morning to help boost your energy, Pure Body in the evening can support your body’s detoxification function and True Beauty and Choco Dream at any time of the day.

What is the best way to consume the Superfood powders?

You can mix our Superfood powders either with water, fruit juices, smoothies, yoghurt, porridge or muesli. Avoid mixing them with hot liquids as this may affect the efficacy of our ingredients.

How much powder can I consume per day?

We recommend 2 teaspoons (7 to 10 g, depending on the product) per serving.

What is the daily calorie intake of the Superfood powders?

The calorie intake from Superfood powder is minimal: approx. 30 calories per 100 g. The recommended daily dose is 7 to 10 g, which gives an approximate intake of 3 calories per day.

The powder does not dissolve well in my drink. What can I do?

Our products can be combined with a variety of liquids. As natural powders, the texture isn’t always guaranteed to be smooth, but don’t let this deter you from trying the shake. If you mix our Daily Greens with liquids, make sure you always stir properly for a creamier finish!

There is a green deposit in my Berry Boost, is that normal?

Our Berry Boost contains superfoods like Spinach and Spirulina, which can often create a residue on the surface when you mix your powder with water. This is completely normal and will not affect the efficacy or taste of your shake. We recommend that you thoroughly mix your shake until you’re happy with the result.

Can Superfood powders have side effects?

Our superfood powders are based on natural products tested by our trusted nutritional experts, therefore as far as we have approval, our products do not have any side effects.
However, a food allergy or intolerance may occur. If you notice any negative side effects with our products, we advise you to stop eating immediately and discuss a possible allergy and intolerance test with your family doctor.

Can Superfood powders replace conventional food?

Our Superfood powders are food supplements that do not replace your everyday meal. They should be consumed as a supplement to a balanced and varied diet.

How long does my Superfood powder can last?

Depending on the frequency of your daily intake and the product, your Superfood powder can generally lasts for about one month.

What is the difference between Berry Boost and Sunny Soul?

Berry Boost helps boost your energy thanks to metabolism focused superfoods like iron, acai berry and spinach. Sunny Soul supports your vitamin C balance and your immune system with Lucuma and Echinacea. Both products are vegan, lactose and gluten free.

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