Order process

1. Shopping cart

Please click on the “Add to basket” button so that the item(s) you have selected will be placed into the cart. By removing the item by clicking on “Remove” or cancelling the order process, you are able to make changes to your order at any time until you are ready to order. In case you are finished selecting your item(s), please click on “Proceed to check-out” to get to begin the checkout process

2. Checkout

If you already have an account with us, don’t forget to enter your email address and password. You will have the opportunity to register as a new customer as well. Please note that your data is collected, processed and used under strict compliance with data protection regulations (privacy policy). We ensure that this data won’t be used for any other purposes or be given to a third party. If you are already signed in, you can now select your shipping method. Click on “Next” to move on to the billing step.

3. Verifying billing address / Selecting payment method

Please check that your billing address is correct and enter the desired payment method. Click on “Next” to move on to the shipping step.

4. Verifying shipping address / Selecting shipping method

Please verify that your shipping address is correct and enter the desired shipping method. Click on “Next” to move on to finalise your order.

5. Finalising your order / Terms and conditions and privacy policy

You will see the overview of your order including the selected items, the shipping and billing address, your contact details and verify that all of the information displayed is correct. Please carefully read the general terms & conditions and the cancellation policy. You will need to accept our terms & conditions and the privacy policy by ticking the boxes. This is necessary in order to continue your order process. Click on “Place Order” to send us your order.

Your purchase order now becomes binding.

Information on your right to cancel