Our history

Fruits, vegetables and cereals are now lower in nutrients than years gone by. On the basis of this in Berlin in 2015 our teams designed Natural Mojo. The ethos was to create Innovative products based on superfoods to improve our modern diet. Surrounded by nutritional experts, we offer products that deliver maximum benefits for the body and mind. As a bonus they are delicious and practical! The 500,000 people who have adopted our products are the proof of our success. #healthyishappy

Our Mojo: Natural Mojo.

Originally Mojo described a small bag, which is worn in some African rites as a talisman around the neck. Today, Mojo indicates the special charisma and magic of people who infect with their smiles, who stirs admiration from those around a and whose presence brings a whole room to glow.

That’s exactly what we aim to do: In a time when the nutritional content of fruits, vegetables and grains continues to decline as a result of industrial production, Natural Mojo offers you the ideal boost with innovative dietary supplements and foods made from all-natural ingredients for your personal mojo.

Beautylicious – Our ingredients have superpowers.

It has never been more delicious to eat a healthy and balanced diet: not only do our ingredients taste great, they are also rich in all the natural vitamins, minerals, and all the other nutrients you need to bring out your own inner beauty. Because for your Mojo only the best is just good enough for us.

You want to know more about our Mojo-Boosters?

Discover here what superpowers our ingredients have to offer.

New at Natural Mojo: Nutricosmetics.

We firmly believe that true beauty comes from within. This finding has long been a food and cosmetics trend in the US: Nutricosmetics – supplements with cosmetic effects – have been proving there for some time that “beauty from within” is far more than just a blank proverb. We bring this trend into your life with our new Nutricosmetics products. Beauty care from the inside – with the best, all-natural ingredients. Discover what’s inside you.