Our history

In 2015, we opened the “good luck pouch” and released our mojo to support the nutrition of ourselves and others through innovative products. We loved Superfoods back then and this still remains true today. Looking back, we’ve realized how much we have grown and are proud to be role models of change and transformation. This is exactly the green core of our current conviction: Development is extremely important. So we have also grown steadily as a company.

A start-up located in the heart of Berlin, we worked hard to achieve a successful transformation period, yet still remain true to our core values. Did we really jump into a pool full of fierce competition? Yes. Revolution may be a bit exaggerated, but who doesn’t want to reach for the stars? According to the current market, the nutrients content of fruits, vegetables and grains in industrial production had gradually declined in quality and design. This is where we came in.

We committed a lot of time and effort to research our market with industry experts, to develop high-quality natural products which promise to make our body and mind happier. Because #healthyishappy, right? We want the world to know about the magic of mojo. Everyday is a new day here at Natural Mojo to get one step closer to making the world embrace its’ inner beauty.

Like the first leaf that appears on a tree during spring, we too bloom in a new way. We want to embrace more of our consciousness, so we can live a mindful and sustainable lifestyle that respects the earth as well as ourselves. Our products which are primarily plant-based provide us with a second home in nature and allows us to return to life renergized with a new sense of purpose. And if you look more closely, you’ll catch a glimpse of a tree house nestled at the heart of the forest. That’ s us. You’re always welcome to visit us.


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