Our history

Fruits, vegetables and cereals are now lower in nutrients than years gone by. On the basis of this in Berlin in 2015 our teams designed Natural Mojo. The ethos was to create Innovative products based on superfoods to improve our modern diet. Surrounded by nutritional experts, we offer products that deliver maximum benefits for the body and mind. As a bonus they are delicious and practical! The 500,000 people who have adopted our products are proof of our success. #healthyishappy

Akos Piffko, Co-Founder

The story of Akos is a life dedicated to sport. First a competitive swimmer, he started to take an interest in the benefits of a healthy diet for his sporting performances! Then he traveled and started to investigate the positive effects of a good nutrition. After his master’s degree from ESCP, he worked in foodtech companies until he started Natural Mojo. Gym, yoga, mud runs and bouldering are part of his daily life. A philosophy of life embodied by its superfoods!

The origin of the name

Why “Natural Mojo”? Because our products are made from a combination of only natural ingredients, which can have many benefits on our health. Finally, for the magic part … the mojo is a small purse worn around the neck as a talisman in some African rituals. Popularized later by Austin Powers, the term refers to his vital energy and sexual prowess. 😉

Our superfoods

The superfoods in our products allow you to find the pleasure of a healthy and balanced diet. Being natural, they bring plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Effects guaranteed to boost your daily life according to your goals.

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