Our products

Why do our products have superpowers, because at Natural Mojo we work with teams of nutritionists and experts who respect four rules:

1. Exclusive selection of natural ingredients;
2. Quality requirement and strict compliance with European regulatory standards;

3. Priority to pleasure and therefore to taste;
4. Combination of several superfoods for the best possible result.

If you want to be at the top of your game, embrace our motto! #healthyishappy

Our expertise

Natural Mojo started with Akos, a former athlete, passionate about nutrition! At the forefront of trends and recent studies, this self-taught entrepreneur has been surrounded by specialists in nutrition. Each product innovation is developed in with Akos working hand in hand with teams of expert developers.

Our natural ingredients

Since the 1950s, many studies have shown that the nutritional value of many staple foods is getting lower. That’s why in the development of our products, the quality of our ingredients is exemplary. We select superfoods – regional or imported from all over the world – exclusively natural with the utmost attention to detail. With this requirement, our products offer the best nutritional benefits.

Made in Germany

It was in Berlin that the concept of Natural Mojo was born. We chose production sites based in Germany to guarantee a high standard of quality. Our producers have the official IFS Food 6.1 certifications as well as the ISO 22000 standard on Food Safety. In addition, all our products are subject to strict controls according to official European regulations.