Fit Vanilla


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Fit Vanilla

A full meal replacement in vanilla flavor

  • Enjoy something sweet without a guilty conscience: protein powder with a mouth-watering flavour.
  • Our Fit Shakes are packed with the key nutrients that you need - minus the extra calories.
  • A combination of superfoods including papaya, matcha and psyllium, plus all the power of soy, pea and whey protein.

Content: 500 g


Fit Chocolate

• Tastes great, does the good - protein powder with essential superfoods and chocolate flavour.

• Our shakes have only 285 calories on the average, but are rich in essential nutrients.

• One shake - one meal! Yet you feel nicely full and enjoy the great chocolaty flavour.

480 g

Temporarily unavailable

Premium Shaker

  • premium BPA-free quality shaker
  • includes storage compartment for protein powder or caps
  • perfect for on the go

Capacity: 500 ml


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