Hair Shine


£128,67 / 100 g

  • A powerful combination of superfoods to help reduce hair breakage
  • Combination of vitamins and minerals restores lost lustre and replenishes hydration
  • For thin/dry hair. Easy to take capsule form for strong, shiny and healthy hair

Content: 25,9 g/ 30 Capsules


Clear Glow

  • Supports the detoxification process and nourishes your skin from the inside out
  • Contains powerful ingredients such as Matcha, Spirulina, Curcuma and Guava that help your skin´s natural clarification process
  • Delicious and easy way to enjoy a daily boost of cleansing

Temporarily unavailable

True Beauty

  • To make the inner rays visible: natural beauty with the improved form of True Beauty.
  • Essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hair, strong nails and pure skin.
  • Your superfood beauty treatment: vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.

Content: 150 g (£19,99 / 100 g)


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